Choice Solar Plan

Solar owners can offset your power costs by selling any excess power to WCE.

What is the Choice Solar Plan for WCE?

If you have or are considering a solar or other power generation system at your home or business, you can offset your power costs by producing energy and selling any excess power generated to Western Community Energy (WCE).

How does it work?

With WCE you can earn substantially more for every kilowatt-hour you provide back to the grid, compared to the net energy rates offered by Southern California Edison (SCE). Currently, WCE Choice Solar reimbursement is higher than SCE’s current Net Energy Metering rate.

With the Choice Solar Plan, you’ll receive an energy credit for the power your system provides to the grid.  At the close of each month, we’ll tally the amount of grid energy you’ve consumed and contributed.  If what you’ve contributed is more than what you’ve consumed, we’ll issue a credit.  If you’ve used more than you’ve contributed, you’ll be debited. Each October, on the true up date, the kilowatt usage is evaluated, and if your energy production exceeds your energy consumption, a rebate is issued based on $0.06900 per kWh. Simple as that.

Have solar or considering it?

Solar customers are automatically enrolled into WCE’s Choice Solar Plan that offers the same benefits you receive now from SCE, plus the added benefit of a higher Net Surplus Compensation Rate should your system generate more power than you use throughout your relevant period.

I am already enrolled in SCE’s net energy metering (NEM), what do I have to do to enroll in WCE’s Choice Solar Plan?

If you already enjoy the benefits of net energy metering (NEM) with SCE, or are considering a solar system, you do not have to do anything. As a WCE customer, your account will automatically be enrolled in WCE’s Choice Solar, which offers a lower generation rate schedule for power you are using and a Net Surplus Compensation rate of $0.06900 per kWh, which beats SCE’s current Net Surplus Compensation rate. With WCE, the relevant period for generation related activity ends in October each year.

Your Choice

Western Community Energy Plan Options

This plan is our most economical and uses 37% renewable energy.
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This plan utilizes 100% green energy for about the cost you’re paying now.
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Solar owners can offset your power costs by selling any excess power to WCE.
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