Choice Plus Plan

This plan utilizes 100% green energy for about the cost you’re paying now.

Clean Energy is energy produced through methods that do not release greenhouse gases or any other pollutants. Green energy can be generated from renewable sources like solar and air currents. In the United States, more than a third of emissions are derived from coal and other fossil fuels. Switching to 100% green energy would reduce this and could provide as much as 40% of the American energy demand by 2030.

Upgrading to Choice Plus will give access to 100% green energy. Customers who upgrade to this program will be setting an example for the rest of the community by making the commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing Choice Plus also results in Western Community Energy (WCE) expanding clean energy generation in California. 

Choose the program that lends itself to a greener future, better air quality, healthier families, and a brighter future for us all. In doing so, you will be helping to mitigate climate change while becoming an environmental champion. Choice Plus puts the power of reducing your community’s carbon footprint in your hands

Windmills lined up across the horizon.

You can upgrade to Choice Plus at any time to receive 100% green energy.

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WCE believes in providing a variety of energy choices. If you decide that our Choice Plus is not for you, you can switch to a different option at any time. Learn how to Opt-up here.

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Western Community Energy Plan Options

This plan is our most economical and uses 37% renewable energy.
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This plan utilizes 100% green energy for about the cost you’re paying now.
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Solar owners can offset your power costs by selling any excess power to WCE.
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Opting out means that you will pay more for electricity. To opt-out, visit our Opt-out page for more information.

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