FAQ: What Are These New WCE Supply/Generation Charges on My SCE Bill?

Delivery and generation charges are not new. Delivery charges include the cost of delivering energy to your home or business including transmission, distribution, maintenance and a variety of other fees. In sum, delivery charges reflect costs to move electricity to you. Supply/Generation charges are the charges related to the costs of the electricity you use in your home or business. In sum, generation charges reflect costs to purchase electricity for you.

Historically, the delivery and generation charges electricity were bundled and provided by Southern California Edison (SCE). As a Western Community Energy customer, WCE replaces SCE’s generation services, and we are pleased to reaffirm that WCE generation rates are cost effective and affordable resulting in over $2.5 million in savings to WCE customers in just 5 months. We continue to work together with SCE so that you get just one bill each month.

Charges for electricity on your SCE are now divided into two parts:

SCE Delivery Charges

The breakdown of your delivery charges is usually titled “Delivery” and can be typically found on page 3 of your bill.

SCE will continue to bill you for Delivery Charges – the cost of the transmission and delivery of energy for maintaining SCE’s wires, infrastructure as well as required regulatory and program charges.

WCE Supply/Generation Charges

The breakdown of your generation charges is usually titled “Supply/Generation” and can be typically found on page 6 of your bill.

SCE will no longer charge you for electric generation (the generation charge). WCE now procures energy on your behalf at a lower cost to you (resulting in an approximate 2% savings). This charge replaces SCE’s Generation Charges and is not an additional or duplicative charge.

What are the following CCA Cost Responsibility Surcharges: PCIA, DWR Bond Charges, CTC?

The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA ) charge, also known as an “Exit Fee”, is a fee charged by SCE to WCE customers to ensure that utility customers who stay with SCE in terms of who purchases their energy do not experience cost increases as a result of customers migrating to WCE. Follow this link to learn more about PCIA charges: https://westerncommunityenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/FAQ-PCIA.pdf

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Bond Charge is a charge to cover the cost of the California Wildfire Fund (DWR).

Competition Transfer Charges (CTC) refers to what is a pre-existent charge that is applied to all customers, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in a CCA, to reimburse SCE for their costs of building power plants and buying electricity from independent power producers.

Who do I call with questions about my bill?

If you have questions about the WCE portion of your bill, you can visit our website at www.westerncommunityenergy.com, call us at 866-356-4175, or email us at info@westerncommunityenergy.com.

If you have questions about the SCE portion of your bill, please call 800-655-4555.

We are honored to be your local energy provider!