Statewide FLEX ALERT




Due to the strain on the power grid during this excessive heat wave, the CA Grid Operator, CAISO, may call for rotating outages through Wednesday, August 19. View today’s energy supply and demand outlook:  To read more about Flex Alerts, please click here.


What’s CAISO and how does it relate to WCE?

The California Independent System Operator manages the California electric grid and the energy market for 80% of the state of California. WCE depends on CAISO to ensure reliable energy, and most of the energy we use comes through CAISO. The cost of this energy is passed on to customers with no markup.


What is a CAISO rotating Outage?

CAISO rotating outages (Stage 3 CAISO Emergencies) become necessary when the state’s electricity reserves have fallen below 1.5% in real time or are unavoidable. CAISO will typically order the state’s investor-owned utilities, including SCE, to reduce the electrical load by turning off service immediately.


How can I know whether my area will be subjected to a future outage?

If a CAISO rotating outage occurs, one or more rotating outage groups are likely to be shut off.  Outages typically last up to one hour.  Your “Rotating Outage” number can be found on the top left of your bill next to your customer account number.  More information on rotating group numbers can be found on SCE’s website at

Let’s work together during this time, particularly from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. by turning your air conditioner up to at least 78°F, and turning off unnecessary appliances. For more ideas to help conserve energy, please visit


Be prepared for a possible outage by following a few tips:

  • Charge your devices and have flashlights on hand
  • Avoid using large appliances from 3pm – 10pm
  • Set your A/C to 78 degrees or higher (if health permits)
  • Turn off unneeded lights and close the blinds and curtains


If an outage occurs, avoid opening your refrigerator to keep foods cold. If traffic lights are out, treat intersections as all-way stops.


Thank you for working with us and please stay safe in the heat.  If you need access to a cooling center during the heat wave, you can find a facility in your area by click here.