Opt-up to our Choice Plus Plan, Western Community Energy’s (WCE) 100% green energy option, and be at the forefront of our community’s commitment to a clean energy future. The Choice Plus Plan is generated from 100% green sources, primarily wind and solar farms in California and on the western grid.

If you are currently enrolled as a WCE Choice Plan customer, you can upgrade your service at any time to the Choice Plus Plan, WCE’s premium 100% green energy generation service.

Opt-Up to the Choice Plus Plan

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Western Community Energy Plan Options

WCE Choice Plan
This plan is our most economical and uses 37% renewable energy.
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WCE Choice Plus Plan
This plan utilizes 100% green energy for about the cost you’re paying now.
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WCE Choice Solar Plan
Solar owners can offset power costs by selling any excess power generated to WCE.
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Opting out means that you will pay more for electricity. To opt-out, visit our Opt-out page for more information.

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