Frequently Asked Questions

While a CCA program is not a new concept in California, we know it’s new to you, and we’re here to help you navigate it every step of the way. See below for our Frequently Asked Questions to learn how you can begin saving money on your electricity bill right away—just for being a member of your community!

What is a CCA program?
How does a CCA work?
Are there other CCAs in California?
What are the benefits of Western Community Energy?
Who do I call if my power goes out?
What will I save?
Will my taxes increase?
What will Western Community Energy actually do?
How will the rates be set?
What happens to Southern California Edison?
If I have questions regarding my bill, who do I call?
What if I don't want to have my energy provided by WCE and just want to stay with SCE?
You say that WCE can provide energy at lower cost, but how can I know for sure?
Isn't renewable power more expensive than non-renewable electricity?
Am I able to switch back and forth from Community Energy to SCE?
Question: How do I become a part of the program? Answer: If you've received a notice that your city has joined the Western Community Energy CCA program, then you will be enrolled automatically and can begin saving monery right away. This requires no action on your part. However, if your city is not currently participating, we encourage you to write or call your local representatives to request your city enrolls.

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