Billing and Rates

WCE Offers Competitive Rates
for Greener Energy

We buy power from cleaner sources for our customers and fill Southern California Edison’s (SCE) wires. SCE continues to do all the billing for everything. We simply replace its power generation charges with ours.

Western Community Energy (WCE) rates are set annually by the Board of Directors, so you’ll have a steady, predictable outlook on your rates. You’ll also have the satisfaction of working with a local provider, governed by local leaders whose interests are aligned with yours.

Adopted Rate Schedules

You can download our adopted rate schedules for both residents and non-residential use:

WCE Joint Rate Comparison

WCE has partnered with SCE to provide customer’s with a Joint Rate Comparison (JRC).  The purpose of the JRC is to show you a comparison of our common electric rates, average monthly charges, and generation portfolio contents.  Each July, a postcard will be sent to all customers showing the comparison.

Questions about your bill?

To learn more about the generation charges that SCE applies to your bill, we encourage you to please review our Understanding Your Bill page.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

WCE and SCE are dedicated to working together to make your power service and billing as simple and convenient as we can. If you have questions about your WCE charges, call us at (866) 356-4175 or email us at

For questions about other SCE charges, call SCE at (800) 655-4555.