About Us

Mother reading to her daughter in a tent made from a bed sheet.

About WCE

Western Community Energy is a CCA program that gives your local government the opportunity to buy electricity directly from its source.


This gives you more control of what type of energy resources you use, how the rates are set and what your energy programs look like.

How It Works

Step 01

Your community buys the power at a more competitive rate.

Step 02

You choose an energy type and rate based on your preferences.

Step 03

As a local program, any profits go back to your community.

Step 04

Your current utility provider continues to maintain your power.

The Benefits of Western
Community Energy

1. You, the community member or business owner get to choose what type of energy resources you use.


2. Your local elected officials will be in charge of deciding on energy resources, rate-setting, and administration. This means the programs are more suited to your individual community and it promotes local accountability and transparency, too.

3. We have the opportunity to negotiate more competitive rates for our communities and pass it on to each individual consumer.


4. Your communities can continue to get more involved and spur economic growth by investing in the development of its own local, renewable energy production.