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What is Western
Community Energy?

Western Community Energy is a CCA program that gives your local government the opportunity to buy electricity directly from its source and then offers it to the community at a more competitive rate than your current utility provider.


This gives you more control of what type of energy resources you use, how the rates are set and what your energy programs look like—all at a less expensive rate than you’re paying now.

Norco, Perris, and Wildomar launched in April 2020.

Jurupa Valley, Hemet, and Eastvale launched in May 2020.

Step 01

Your community buys the power at a more competitive rate.

Step 02

You choose an energy type and rate based on your preferences.

Step 03

As a local program, any profits go back to your community.

Step 04

Your current utility provider continues to maintain your power.

Our Packages

Working with a CCA means you have more control over what kind of energy you use. As a Western Community Energy customer, you’ll have the option of choosing between different energy packages. Your specific rates will be available when your city enrolls, but see below for our upcoming plans.

Solar panels facing towards the sky.
This plan is our most economical and uses 37% renewable energy.
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Windmills lined up across the horizon.
This plan utilizes 100% green energy for about the cost you’re paying now.
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Solar owners can offset your power costs by selling any excess power to WCE.
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In Touch with Our Community

Have questions? We’re happy to help. Scroll over a few here, or check out our FAQs page for the full list.

What is a CCA Program?

A: CCA stands for Community Choice Aggregation. This is a program that gives local governments the opportunity to buy electricity directly and then offer it to the customers in their communities.

How Does a CCA Work?

A: It’s simple! Western Community Energy will purchase your energy from its source at a more competitive rate, and Edison will continue to distribute it to you through their power lines.


How Do I Become a Part of the Program?

A: If you’ve received a notice that your city has joined the Western Community Energy CCA program, then you will be enrolled automatically and can begin saving money right away. This requires no action on your part. However, if your city is not currently participating, we encourage you to write or call your local representatives to request your city enrolls.

What Will I Save?

A: On average, consumers can expect to save 3-5% on their electricity for the year, depending on which plan and energy type they prefer. That equates to over 40 MILLION in savings for Riverside County!

Who Do I Call If My Power Goes Out?

Southern California Edison is still responsible for delivering you consistent service. In the event of a power outage or any interruption of service, you will continue to contact SCE at (800) 611-1911.

Will my Taxes Increase?

Absolutely not. Western Community Energy does not have the ability to tax and there are no impacts on taxes. WCE will be funded entirely by revenue from the ratepayers and will require zero tax dollars from customers or participating communities.

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