Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re happy to help. Scroll over a few here, or contact us directly to speak to us about your account.

Will WCE customers lose electric service?

A:  No.  WCE Customers have been transitioned to SCE services and continue to coordinate in an orderly fashion.  Customers should not experience any disruption in electric generation services.

Will I still get my bill?

A: Yes. WCE customers should continue to receive and pay their bills as they normally would which have always been processed by SCE.

I did not receive a bill for a few months and recently received a bill that appears to have a cumulative balance?

A: Some customers did not receive bills for two to three months, and then received a cumulative multi-month bill.  SCE has handled WCE’s billing since its creation and this has been an issue for some customers dating back to March 2021, before the transfer of customers back to SCE.  You are encouraged to contact your SCE representative if you have any questions related to your bill.

How will I know when I have been transitioned to SCE?

A:  Beginning June 15th, WCE customers were transitioned to SCE services.  A letter will be distributed to all customers after the transition has been completed.

To view an example of the letter that will be sent to customers, please click here. 

What is the expected timeline/process?

A: Service account transitions to SCE began June 15 and has already been completed.  Your account will be placed on Bundled Portfolio Service and SCE will place your account on the same rate or program that you were on while serviced by WCE. SCE and WCE are working cooperatively with state regulators to ensure that your experience as a customer remains positive. You will be receiving notice from SCE when your generation service is switched. Just so you are aware, it is possible that your transition may occur mid-bill cycle and this can cause a shorter or longer billing period so please keep that in mind when you receive your bill statement after the switch.

Should WCE customers tell WCE that they want to switch back to SCE service immediately?

A: No, it is not necessary for WCE customers to take any action. SCE has completed the transfer of service accounts.  If your account has not yet been transferred, please contact SCE at 1-800-974-2356.

Will electric rates go up for WCE customers?

A: WCE and SCE rates are generally only several percentage points apart. A small Re-Entry fee may be charged but that is still being determined. However, your overall electric bill after you return to SCE should be similar to what you paid WCE.

I am a NEM customer. How does this impact my account?

A: Your NEM relevant period will end with the effective date coinciding with the date of your transfer and you will be placed on NEM service with a new relevant period on the day of transfer.

As a NEM customer what are my cash out options?

A: WCE is pursuing every opportunity to pay NEM customers at full value of the credit owed to them.  Currently, WCE is working towards options such as designating NEM customers as a “convenience” class of creditors as part of the bankruptcy process, work through a process to credit NEM customers and outstanding balances through settlement discussions with SCE, and/or work towards NEM customers being paid as general unsecured creditors.

What is a Re-Entry fee? Will I be charged this fee?

A: SCE has a Re-Entry fee because electricity is purchased ahead of time and while you have been a WCE customer, SCE now has to make those additional purchases with short notice so a potentially minimal Re-Entry fee may be added to your bill. The exact amount of the fee is still being determined. This may take several weeks to determine. More information will be posted to our website once we know more. Please keep in mind that WCE has some responsibility for the fee and we are working with SCE and the CPUC to address this.

What if I do not want to go back to SCE?

A: WCE has ceased services and will no longer be an active electric service provider.  All customers will be returned to SCE.

What is Chapter 9 Bankruptcy and why did WCE file for it?

A: Chapter 9 Bankruptcy gives municipalities the ability to restructure and examine opportunities to move forward and continue providing service to their customers.

This decision was made based upon multiple factors including last summer’s unprecedented heatwave which depleted supplies and drove up costs, along with rising energy costs due to state renewable energy requirements, and the Governor’s COVID-19 mandate that no customers could be disconnected due to non-payment of their utility bills.  Over the last year, delinquencies averaged ten times higher than pre-Pandemic industry standards and have cost WCE millions of dollars in added cost burdens.  Based on these factors, Chapter 9 Bankruptcy was the best option for WCE to restructure its finances.

How will the Chapter 9 Bankruptcy impact WCE customers?

A: WCE customers will not experience any service interruptions as a result of the Chapter 9 Bankruptcy filing.  WCE will update customers throughout the Chapter 9 Bankruptcy process.


What does deregistration mean for WCE customers?

A: WCE has deregistered as a public utility with the CPUC and has ceased services.  On June 15th, all WCE customers began transitioning to SCE and should not have experienced disruption to their services.  WCE customers can call (951) 405-6761 to speak to a WCE representative to learn more.

Does this have an impact on any other CCAs?

A: No. Each CCA is an independent entity. WCE was in the unfortunate position of launching service to customers at the beginning of COVID shelter in place orders and had customers who were severely impacted by the pandemic. WCE also had a high level of customers in arrears and faced high energy prices this past summer. CPUC is not aware that any other CCA is facing the same situation as WCE.

It appears I may have been entered into a financial assistance program related to COVID-19 and am unclear as to why this was done? I do not qualify for COVID-19 financial assistance related to my electric bill.

A: Some WCE customers who were transferred over to SCE were not entered into the appropriate financial assistance program by SCE, while others who were not eligible for assistance were inadvertently placed in that program.  Our understanding is that this occurred on SCE’s billing system due to a software issue and they are working on resolving the issue.  Customers are encouraged to contact their SCE representative if they have any questions.